My Home Office Essentials

February 2, 2021

My favorite home office essentials to help you be as productive (and stylish) as possible.

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My clients, friends, and acquaintances all tell me they’ve had a hard time getting into their work-from-home groove. It can be a big thorn at times, but also a huge blessing if you have the right tools. I’ve been doing this work-from-home thing for a while now (wayyyy before the pandemic), and am ready to share all my favorite goodies that help me stay productive on a daily basis. Sometimes you just need a sleek home office setup to motivate you into checking those to-dos off your list. Check out what I’m loving in my own home office below.

Daily Planner

This planner is packed full of different sheets and sections to help you organize on a micro or macro level depending on your preference. It comes with a rituals section, weekly preview, goal sheets, and so much more. I love to use a written planner in addition to my digital calendar because it helps me stay off my phone when I don’t need to be, and also allows me get creative, brainstorm, and doodle. Sometimes you just need good old-fashioned pen and paper to get the ideas flowing.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Have you ever seen a cuter keyboard? I love it’s minimalistic look and versatility (it works with both Macs and PCs. If you’re an Apple person like me, it also will work with your iPad or iPhone, too. It’s wireless and bluetooth, so it’s easy to throw in your bag or take from your desk to the table if you need a change of scenery. Even if you work from a laptop, a separate keyboard can be a gamechanger because they’re usually bigger than your laptop’s tiny keyboard, and makes spending long periods of time typing a bit easier. 

Desk Pad

It might seem a bit extra, but I always recommend this desk pad to everyone. Once you get one you won’t look back. I use mine underneath my laptop and notebooks. It’s waterproof and protects from spills and smudges, and is also a really comfortable place to rest your wrists and elbows. But above all else, I think it just brings a much more “put together” look to a workspace. 

Weekly Wall Calendar

This wall calendar is completely clear and comes with metal hardware to mount to your wall. I love not having to fuss with hanging papers on my wall, and like that I can write and erase new things that come up every day. It doesn’t fit a lot of information, which is actually something else I like about it because it allows me to only write the top couple essential to-dos for the day, and everything else I keep in my notebook. This allows me to come into my home office and see just the top things (or thing) I know I need to get done that day.

Workstation Bike Desk

Balancing working with exercising can be hard…really hard. If I don’t move my body during the day I’ll be grumpy, sore, and just not my best self. This workstation bike solves those problems by allowing me to keep my legs moving while I’m working. It’s not so much about burning calories as it is about keeping the blood moving, maintaining good posture, and getting out the wiggles. 

Phone Stand for Desk

A quality phone stand is really important for me because I find that I resort to using my phone for work so often. Aside from the regular phone calls, I also will use my phone to watch videos or join Zoom calls if my computer isn’t working for some reason, or if my internet on my computer cuts out. Having a phone stand frees up your hands so you can take notes or tend to something else without having to constantly hold it. 

Ergonomic Laptop Stand (or tablet stand)

Laptop stands raise your computer to eye level so you can keep good posture. Using this has eliminated my neck and back pain. It fits my MacBook perfectly and is also really easy to fold up and put away if needed. I also included a tablet stand link in case you don’t have a laptop, or want to use a tablet in addition to your laptop.

There you have it. These are my game-changing essentials for a productive day. I know you’ll get some great use out of them! Drop me a comment if you have anything you are loving that you would recommend. And in case you missed it, check out my step-by-step guide on how to get started with your blog here!

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