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Why Top Producers Hire Real Estate Coaches

January 28, 2021

Why top agents hire experienced real estate coaches…whether they’re new to the industry or not.

Going from a brand new real estate agent to a savvy agent doesn’t happen overnight.  Trust me, it can take decades to learn and master the very important skills needed to take your business from zero to 100. Whether you’re a new agent or a pro who’s been in the game for years, it’s normal to sometimes have doubts about your business and feel stuck. A common solution used by many agents to help get them out of a rut is to hire experienced real estate coaches —  someone who has been there, done that, and knows exactly how to get them back on track. 

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Coaches Help You Stay Motivated

One of the big downsides of real estate is the rejection — it can be easy to feel beat down and give up. A major thing that sets successful agents apart from unsuccessful agents is their ability to stay motivated despite this rejection. This is not easy to do on your own. You need a support system to help you keep your eye on the prize, encourage you, and believe in you. That’s where your coach comes in.

A good real estate coach will be your cheerleader and give you tips to help you deal with the rejection and keep moving forward. They’ll give you pointers on keeping a positive mindset, ideas of how to handle client objections, and help keep you engaged despite small (or major setbacks).

Coaches Offer You New Ideas

In this day and age, agents need to be constantly evolving and trying new things in order to stand out. Your coach can help serve as a fresh set of eyes to offer you objective and honest feedback on your strategy (whether it be your selling strategy, marketing strategy, or anything else). At the very least, modern real estate agents should have a website with compelling copy, a blog, and an active presence on social media. That’s a lot of content you need to be creating! In addition to offering you advice on the content you already have, your coach can help keep you up-to-speed when it comes to new trends in the industry that you might not know about yet. This will enable you to always be forward-thinking and focused on trying new and exciting things to engage your audience.

A Good Coach Will Allow You to Learn From Their Mistakes

Your coach should be qualified to offer you advice on various problems you are facing in your business, because they should have plenty of experience under their belt. When looking for a coach, make sure you ask about their sales history and other certifications to ensure they have enough “know how” to help you with your business and get you to where you want to be. 

Assuming your coach is well-qualified, they’ll help you see molehills before they become mountains. They’ll be able to look at your business plan, goals, and strategies and tell you where your weak points are so you can avoid bigger problems down the line. I cannot stress this enough–learning from other people’s mistakes is invaluable and what top real estate agents are constantly doing. This allows them to save both time and money, and surpass their peers along the way.

So, friends, the bottom line is this: coaches to help us stay positive, accelerate the learning curve and avoid making mistakes. Working with mentors and coaches makes sure we are always leveling up in our business. By investing in a coach, we can learn from their mistakes, avoid making them ourselves, and stay in a positive and healthy mindset. If you’re looking for a coach to help you grow your real estate business, you can find more info here.

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