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3 Simple Steps To Complete Before Showing A Property

May 19, 2021

Simple steps for you to give you the confidence you need and get you closer to selling that house.

Real Estate Agents should complete these simple steps before showing a new property.

So, you finally have your real estate license or have been a real estate agent for a while now and always get a little nervous before showing a property. 

Maybe you are wanting to gain some confidence and feel more than prepared the next time you’re showing a property to a potential buyer.

If you want to increase your sales but don’t feel like you’re that convincing when showing properties…

I have 3 simple steps for you that will give you the confidence you need and get you closer to selling that house. After following these steps you’ll feel more prepared than ever when going to meet your next customers!

  1. Get to know your buyers

The very first thing you want to do before showing a property is to get to know your buyers. Asking your buyers specific questions before getting started will help you save time in the long run. Have you ever shown properties to a potential buyer only for them to tell you they aren’t ready to buy? 

Figure out how soon they are planning to move. Do they have to wait to sell their current house first? What is their price range? Even asking more specific questions such as whether or not they are pre-qualified for a loan and who the loan is with will give you an idea of the status of your buyer’s house-hunting process.

  1. Research properties

Next, find out what your customer is looking for in a home and ask about specific preferences. You can’t choose listings without getting this information!  This step is important because showing properties would be a waste if the properties aren’t what they’re looking for. In turn, this could lead to your buyers potentially losing trust in your skill. Match the buyer’s interests as much as possible when choosing properties to show them.

Another thing you want to make sure to do before your showing is to check the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the property’s availability. Do this as soon as the night before the showing! Nothing is worse than showing a property to a customer that has sold since the last time you checked it out. This step will save you and your buyer from lots of heartbreak. 

While checking the MLS go ahead and make a welcome packet for your customer! This should include information on all of the properties you’ll be showing them. Square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, nearby schools, information on the previous owners, etc. Your business card along with pen and paper for note-taking can also be added to complete the gesture and make the experience memorable. 

3. Get ready to show some properties!

Your last step is to get ready to show your properties! Take the time to get familiar with the route to each property. Your potential clients will be following you to these properties, and in many cases may even prefer to ride with you in your car. Know your way to each property and have a backup route prepared just in case. 

Make sure your gas tank is full so you don’t have to stop for gas or in the event of traffic. You’ll also want to make sure your car is clean and organized as well. 

Make sure you’re prepared to enter the property by having your keys or lockbox code available and ready to go. Have you ever had a hard time getting into a home with your clients waiting behind you? Not fun! 

Well, there you have it! The 3 most important, but simple steps. Not so bad, right? Follow these steps to feel like the confident and organized agent that you are before your next showing. With more confidence and organization comes more sales!

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