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Top Reasons You Should Be Attending Webinars As a Real Estate Agent

January 5, 2021

How to use online learning to learn from experts, save money, reinvest your time and grow your network.

Say goodbye (and good riddance!) to the days of having to break the bank traveling cross-country to attend a fancy business seminar. No more leaving the kids, packing the bags, and spending all day in a stuffy conference room. Instead, take it online and sign up for webinars and digital courses to feed your brain and brush up on new skills from the comfort of your own couch. 

Think of a webinar as an interactive online course – they will be held virtually, often on platforms like Zoom or Demio, and you will register in advance to reserve your spot. You can view the webinar on your device — computer, tablet or phone will all work. Webinars are typically interactive, meaning the hosts will open up discussion via digital chat or take voice questions. See the top reasons you should rush to sign up for webinars below. 

Learn from experts.

Webinar hosts are usually industry thought leaders and design their content around personal experiences. Hosts know the day-to-day struggles agents and will be prepared to answer any questions and offer advice based on their successes and failures. Webinars will put you in the “Zoom room” with experts in your field, and often bring in special guests that you might never have the opportunity to meet with otherwise. Look for webinars with a panel format; panels are an excellent way to get exposure to multiple thought leaders at once, as they will usually have three or more people having a discussion followed by a Q&A session. 

Save some money. 

Webinars offer an affordable alternative to often expensive, in-person educational experiences. Attending webinars allows you to save the cash that you would have spent traveling to and from an in-person event and reinvest it into other areas of your business instead. Additionally, because you can choose exactly what topic you want to take a webinar on, you won’t end up paying for loads of additional content that isn’t relevant to you. You can join specific sessions to learn just what you need to get to the next level without wasting additional time and money.

Reinvest your time. 

Since webinars take place virtually, there is no need to leave the office early, say goodbye to the kids, or calculate travel time. Because you can drop into a webinar from nearly anywhere (your couch, the bus, or while on the treadmill at the gym), they are a great fit for busy schedules. If you’ve put off continuing your education or learning the latest industry knowledge, look to webinars as an easy way to get caught up again. 

Grow your network.

In the digital age, networking is more important than ever. Enrolling in webinars can put you in a position to meet new and interesting people and grow your digital rolodex. Speak up, ask questions, join online discussions and add classmates on social media to meet other like minded agents who might become friends, mentors, or business partners down the line. Check out more information on networking while taking an online course here.

Exploring new real estate webinars is a great way to learn new skills, grow your network, and gain knowledge without breaking the bank. Click here to reserve your spot in my upcoming webinar and learn how to grow your business fast.

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