5 Mistakes Agents Make When Branding Their Business

January 25, 2022

Branding your real estate business is KEY

When you are starting your real estate business it’s exciting but probably also very OVERWHELMING, am I right!? 

How do you get people to notice you? 

Well, branding your real estate business is KEY to helping you stand out against the competition. And let’s face it, when it comes to real estate, there is a lot of competition. 

When you’re first starting out as an agent, you’re learning the ropes. Branding yourself may be the last thing on your mind… but I’m here to tell you it is one of the most important steps to building your business. 

Since branding is such a huge component of the success of your business, it is important to do it right. So, let me spill the tea and clue you in on the 5 biggest mistakes agents make branding their business.

1. Using their broker’s branding to market.

Most agents think oh, I’ll use their logo and colors because they have an established brand already. Well, what happens when you change brokerages? Brand yourself as your own business so people remember you, not your brokerage. 

2. Overcomplicating their brand and logo.

Yes, branding is important but sometimes when it comes to branding less is more. Before you begin designing, decide on a simple color scheme that customers can instantly tie to your brand. Pick two or three fonts across all of your platforms. Design a simplistic logo that represents your brand. When you overcomplicate your brand or logo it makes it difficult for them to identify your brand.

3. Your brand is not Authentic.

How are people going to connect with your brand if your brand doesn’t represent who you are as a business? The biggest branding mistake is branding your business based on what you think it should look like. Your brand should represent your values, your mission, and you since you are the agent they would be working with.

4. Designing your brand without your customer in mind.

Who is your target audience? Do you work with investors, luxury homes, sellers, buyers? You want to attract your target market so you have to have them in mind when designing your brand. 

5. Not being consistent with your brand.

When it comes to establishing a memorable brand, you have to use it religiously! Your website, business cards, social media profiles…EVERYTHING!!! If your look and feel aren’t consistent, customers won’t have a clear understanding of your brand’s personality and messaging.

Avoid these five mistakes and you will be able to create a brand that separates you from the competition. Trust me, it’s one of the biggest reasons I have been able to be as successful in my business. Once you have your brand nailed down, you shouldn’t struggle to find your next lead again!

In this video below, I walk you through the 4 critical steps to building a real estate brand from scratch. 

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