3 Tips to Create Your Brand’s Voice

December 21, 2021

Follow these 3 tips to create a brand voice for your real estate business that is distinct, authentic, and consistent.

I am here to spill the tea on your brand’s voice. 

What is your brand’s voice? 

Ask yourself: What is the most valuable thing about my business? I’m sure you can come up with a few answers but the most valuable thing would be; your brand

Your brand’s voice should be distinct, authentic, and consistent. 

You need to put your uniqueness and your voice behind what you are trying to portray to the customer within your business. When I first started speaking as my brand on my business Instagram account, I tried to sound like what I thought I should sound like. I had a voice in my head telling me that people wouldn’t take me seriously unless I sounded intellectual and inspirational. 

Here’s the thing: I am those things but that’s not my brand. As an agent, we are our own brand. So, when you are trying to be what you think other people should see or trying to be someone else… you lose yourself and people will not relate to you. BE YOU! 

Here are 3 tips to create your brand’s voice.

Tip #1 Be Relatable: People need something that they can look at and relate to. They need that connection with you and your brand. When you know someone well, their personality becomes familiar. We all know people buy from people they like, know, and trust! 

Tip # 2 Being You in Your Network: It is important to develop a network of relationships. Building a firm foundation of people within your network is important so that you can come together to help support and grow your business. Within that network, your brand voice should show. You need to be the same in person, in your blog and online. People are incredibly attuned to picking up on things that are fake or contrived. A good practice for developing your brand voice is to identify a handful of slang and cliches that you want to use. 

Tip # 3 Be unique: Let’s be real girl! Chances are that you are not the only real estate agent in the community. Competitors start to all look the same, am I right! To be unique in your brand it takes valuable content like a strong social media presence and regular interaction with your target market. It’s not just about your logo, this is about revealing your expertise and unlocking your unique abilities!

For more tips about building your brand’s voice, make sure you check out this video on YouTube!

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